NYC Shop Visit: Horse Cycles Oct 14, 2010


Sometimes It’s easy to forget that many framebuilders call Brooklyn home. Even in my neighborhood. Thomas Callahan runs Horse Cycles, a small company on N3rd street in Williamsburg. While Thomas enjoys fillet brazing, he’s also familiar with the fine art that is working with lugs. From the mean street machines to the refined touring bikes, Horse Cycles creates some beautiful bicycles.

Check out my shop visit below!


I’ve been meaning to swing through Horse Cycles for months now. But it just so happens that on Tuesday I caught Thomas in full-preparation for the Philly Bike Expo. Here’s a beautifully-lugged frame he’s working on, complete with a stainless head tube.


Precise and clean.


These seat stays are gorgeous!


He was in the middle of filing and sanding this frame down so I took the opportunity to photograph a frame that had just arrived from the powdercoaters.


This track bike is for a local guy named Tevor.


The laser-tag inspired Horse insignia along with some custom-lettering makes this one fierce track machine.


I love the seat tube cluster. Beautifully sleeved with an asymmetric, integrated seatpost clamp.


Back in the shop, these three frames serve as examples of the many kinds of craftsmanship Horse Cycles is capable of.


From road dropouts to track ends.


Much of Thomas’ space is cluttered with tools.


I feel like every shop has a stuffed animal on hand. But do they have a two-headed rabbit?


Frame decals from the one and only.


Every framebuilder has a grip of files on hand at all times.


Again with my bench vice fetish.


While I was busy shooting photos, Thomas was busy filing down these lugs.


He’s got a while to go until they look like this.


The white whale, adorned in red.


On Thomas’ own touring bike.


This bike fits me like a glove and rides like a dream.


The custom rack and generator hub are just a few details that make this bike unique!


If you’re in Brooklyn and you wanna pop into a framebuilder’s shop, swing by Horse Cycles but make sure you bring Thomas a beer! That reminds me, I totally owe you a growler man!

Again, I shot a ton of photos, so head over to my Flickr to check the rest out, including more detailed photos of each of these frames featured here.

Horse Cycles
80 North 3rd St.
Brooklyn NY 11211
(718) 387 – 3939

  • Zach FF

    Those bikes all look phenomenal. Fingers crossed one day I’m in the position to own a ride as sweet as Thomas’.

  • Adam Leddin

    Thomas’ builds really are works of art: