A Day in 10 Photos: 09.18.2010 Sep 18, 2010


This makes the second motorcycle-based A Day in 10 Photos entry. While the first one focused on raw power, this one’s all about the show bikes. Today is the Second Annual Brooklyn Invitational motorcycle show. While I don’t foresee myself getting on an iron horse anytime soon, I can definitely appreciate the craft these bikes posses.

Check out nine more photos below!


There were some amazing bikes in this show. This copper chopper was adorned with hand-made detailing just awaiting a patina.


All these bikes fell under a slogan “Built not Bought”.


Some bikes had seen their miles.


And others looked like beasts from Middle-Earth.


Or at the least the steeds of an Ranger.


This bike was bad-ass! Probably my favorite. A little too ornate for a daily ride but it was a show-stopper.


Indoors were the classier, invite-only show bikes.


Some were smokin’ hot.


But, like my wardrobe, I prefer the all-black beasts! The show is still going on at North 14th and Kent. Head on over if you’ve got time and as always, there are a ton of photos from the day at my Flickr.

  • http://geribs.tumblr.com/ Geri Batara Sonny

    wow I can see Prolly clearly on that gas tank..super chrome! :D

  • J

    Maybe Im missing it, but who built the bike in the teaser photo?

  • http://theradavist.com prolly

    No idea…

  • Troy

    I know who built it.


    A friend of mine, Joe Cooper has been working on it for the last year. He sold it to some guy in NY.

  • Danny

    The first bike was made by Cooper Smithing Co. out of Washington. He has a website: http://www.CooperSmithingCo.com

  • http://bikemoto.wordpress.com Almoto

    Nice bikes and photos…I didn’t know your guys like motorcycles also…I ride both bicycle and moto and have also build a combination of both so I can really go places…check it out if you like…bikemoto.wordpress.com