Lowangleworks: Nasty Edit Aug 16, 2010

Nasty filmed with Lowangleworks during his recent trip to Korea. Full cab, half cab, 180, whipskid to slider. Nasty’s got the timing and the execution on lock. He was the person so I watched over and over again when I was figuring out how to full cab stairs. So solid! Not to mention that massive 540 cab at the beginning!

  • Noah

    Such a tech rider. Good filming. Solid edit. And the tire slid in the beginning was sick

  • weaewe

    this is the name of the song

    Thes One – Gate City Savings and Loan

  • http://www.SeoulFixedGear.com gm

    Filming & Edit by YM. Member of SeoulFixedGear.

    He also work for LowAngleWorks. Seoul City Based.

    http://www.lowangleworks.com http://www.seoulfixedgear.com

  • steven j

    540 cab!!!! holy shit that looked good

  • Eilif Knutson

    This is my favorite kinda riding done on a fixed gear.