S&M Bikes: Splined Chromoly Sprocket Jun 3, 2010

Woah! A steel splined sprocket? Made in the USA? By S&M nonetheless? Fucking American metal to the fullest!

Anyone know a release date? This thing is crucial!

  • tim

    no date yet. from s&m site: Comin’ in sizes 24t, 25t, 26t, 27t, 28t, and 30t.

  • http://chrispiascik.com Chris Piascik


  • http://endlessscummer.com PHLthyRich

    the gods have smiled on us fatboys

  • dwain

    S&M doesn’t like it when you call their shit baller.

  • blair

    fuckin a, i’ve had three S&M bikes in my life — one holmes and two dirt bikes. everything they make is the SHIT. (well, except for that one dirt bike frame i snapped 180ing the gonz channel, ha!)

  • http://bombhillsspeedkills.com jmik

    whaaaaaat…..? hope they make bigger sizes.

  • Luke

    ^forsooth. I’d be all over if it came in say, 42 teeth, whatever, there’s always the Tree sprocket.

  • http://www.skidphoto.com SKIDPHOTO

    that thing is pure sex

  • ArenL

    the Pentacle is SICK