NOS Paul Components Powerglide Rear Derailleur Jun 9, 2010

What many people don’t realize is that before making your favorite track hubs, a handful of American companies made components before the cost of production caused a halt in manufacturing. Take Paul Components for example, while they’re known for their hubs and brakes, they used to make MTB derailleurs. This 8-speed Powerglide rear derailleur is a piece of Ameicana and with its ability to be completely rebuilt, has been catching a grip of change on eBay as of late. This one in particular will fetch a hefty sum since there’s not a lot of the NOS ones left in circulation.

I know this is thrown around a lot but they sure don’t make them like they used to!

  • And they worked so well…

  • Teh Bikezorz

    Damn right the shipping is free for your $700 derailleur.

  • Lian

    This derailleur is like campy delta brakes. Not really that great at all and the people who want them will go apeshit to get them.

  • damn, paul comp. is such a sick company. one day a buddy of mine was riding around town (chico) and a dude come up to him and gave him a hub. turns out he was an employee at paul and the only thing wrong with it was the paul logo was stamped backwards…

    good stuff.


  • Jerrylikesbikes

    Believe you me, I love Paul Components and I love bike parts that are made in the USA. Unfortunately, this Paul RD is going for 700 bucks…

    To put that in context, I could buy four (4) brand new Shimano XTR m970 rear derailleurs and a keg of beer for 700 bucks…

  • Robot

    It’s lovely. I can recall salivating over one at The Bike Gallery way back in like ’94.

    But, much like the Trek Y-5oh I purchased in ’04, some things are better left to nostalgia.

    – Robot

  • colddirt

    Mine isn’t as pretty,………as for parts………..I need a new cage – any ideas?