GOrilla Welcomes Mike Schmitt May 5, 2010

Photo by 724 Media

GOrilla bicycles has picked up a new rider. Mike Schmitt is the newest addition to the growing team. That makes all the riders on the Grime. Not bad! You guys are going to mix your bikes up!

  • isti

    is that a sizeable dent on the downtube? looks terrific! :-)

  • http://crihs.tumblr.com crihs

    LOL at “ou guys are going to mix your bikes up!”

  • hater666

    hand me down frame for hand me down tricks. pass.

  • http://grimest.com mike schmitt

    its not a hand me down, i got it new last week.

  • DirtyDave

    That DT dent isn’t making me want a GOrilla. fail.

  • http://www.velorue.com zach

    dents happen when you actually ride your bike hard.
    shit looks good mike.

  • http://vimeo.com/kreeestowfur KrEEEstowfUr

    Mike goes hard. He earned that frame. Big ups to you man.

  • Anonymous

    well shit.. I guess I’m gunna have to move to NYC and start hanging out with them so I can get flow from GOrilla.

  • a.torres 305deathsquad


  • a.torres 305deathsquad

  • http://407fixedgear.com furoche

    hahah, h8 dog h8, honestly though STAY GRIME