Fukuoka Fixed Gear May 18, 2010

The Fukuoka crew does it nice and that’s an understatement. I feel like everything is tastefully done without being too extreme in one way or the other. The street riding is fun to watch and the traffic lines are smooth. It’s a really rad edit all around. More to come from Fish & Chips!

  • http://www.grimest.com mr krillz 29

    pretty dope! wheeliing through the traffic yeahhhhhh!!

  • http://www.spellingbeer.com MbUe

    That is ill, great llines

  • Brody

    These dudes put out great edits, fun as hell to watch.

  • Phil


  • http://fixacwb.wordpress.com/ Gunnar

    I’m much more into the old style rinding edits, with saddles on the right height, going fast (not wheeling) through traffic, bombin hills and cuttin dangerous corners.