Cultur: Freestyle Supply Co. May 6, 2010

Phil from Trick Track‘s new endeavor, Cultur is now live. Cultur will have all your fixed freestyle needs in stock and ready to roll in the coming weeks. Along with products, they’ve got a booming fixed team with AJ Austin and Gus Molina up first. Keep an eye on Cultur for future updates as events warrant.

  • KrEEEstowfUr

    Are these the first profesional fgfs riders? Props to these fellas if they are getting paid for putting in work.

  • Tyler Johnson

    Woah this is sooo awesome. I had no idea this was going down, but I am so glad it is. It is a great step in the right direction for our sport. Ben’s is great, but this can be our go to for everything I am hoping. I am interested to see the full spectrum of parts that are going to be carried.

    I don’t know you Phil, but GREAT JOB! and good luck.

  • aj

    haha i hope there are never pro fixed riders! I’ve seen the inventory, phil’s got a good head on his shoulders as far as what kids want in regards to parts, Cultur will be a good lil shop.

  • Tyler Johnson

    AJ you are already pro, the photo says so… You know you can go back to Am for a least a few years now.

  • aj

    haha I just like to be the first fixed pro thats a total bro like big daddy, i’ll start hitting the juice i already got the talking alot and making an ass of myself down.

  • Matt

    This exactly what we need! A legit online shop that knows what people want.