Go Means Go: Porteur to the People Mar 30, 2010

Go Means Go, Swift Industries and Cetma Cargo have teamed up to throw a photo contest. The rules are simple: take or find a photo of your bike depicting your need for a porteur rack or bag and submit it to the Go Means Go contest page.

Easy as pie.

  • http://gomeansgo.org Ryan

    Thanks for the shout out Prolly- hope to see your pics up there. Your Merckx would look pretty tight with a Cetma 5-Rail loaded up with a keg of beer.

  • http://boulderfixedgear.blogspot.com peterabbit

    Totally rad contest IMO. I ordered my CETMA 5-rail at the beginning of October and its still not here. Wonder if it got intercepted and re-appropriated for this contest.

  • http://boulderfixedgear.blogspot.com peterabbit

    Not trying to hate too hard with that last comment, but it sure does take awhile to get a CETMA.

  • http://http:://gomeansgo.org Ryan

    I’m sure Lane will take care of you Peter- I love my 5-Rail… Hope to see your pic in the contest!

  • http://cetmacargo.com Lane

    No, it didn’t get intercepted, Peter! Just emailed you tracking info for the SECOND one.

  • http://www.ashfromsweat.com rogbie