Devan Mickell: Barspins and Ledge Hops Mar 12, 2010

Photo by Dave Pittman

I met Devan back in Richmond at the NAHBS. Last night she posted some photos of her riding to the Pikey Bags and Headset Clothing Giveaway Contest. They came out really rad, so head over to her blog and check the rest out.

  • aj

    barspin to tony pee?

  • Devan

    My friend Dave Pittman took them. I don’t know how often he updates this, but here’s a link.

  • KrEEEstowfUr

    Nice shots Dave! Devan you gotta get a fresstyle bike. I’ll give you guys a shout when Im back in Nashville.

  • john smith

    thanks for all the beers at empire garret. signed, everyone at the nahbs