010Fixedgear Skatepark Edit Mar 8, 2010

A day at the new skatepark! from 010fixedgear on Vimeo.

Rotterdam coming up! A lot of nice tricks in this edit. That ledge by the ramp is legit man. Along with the 180 off the big drop.

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  • http://apolloboyz.blogspot.com/ Piotr

    nice edit Roy!

  • http://www.rotterdamfixedgear.com Stay Gold

    Thanks @Piotr and thanks for posting the vid Prolly! I was like why the hell am I getting all these views … Figures! ;-)

  • Morehart Films

    That was dope Roy! I miss Rotterdam.

  • http://www.rotterdamfixedgear.com Stay Gold

    Your welcome in Rotterdam anytime Wayne!