Volume Cutter v5 In Stock Feb 4, 2010

Volume Bikes ( @vbc_demolition ) just received their first shipment of v5 Cutters at their warehouse. It looks like a few minor revisions were made between v4 and v5. I know there was talk of fitting larger tires in the v5 Cutters, but I can’t find the information anywhere. If someone knows, hit it up in the comments. There’s a nice narrative from Volume about how the Cutter came to be in their post so make sure you read it.

Diggin’ the matte black. V5 is also available in a nice candied root beer and sky blue. Check out Volume Fixed for more information.

  • Paul

    I thought they were discontinuing the Cutter and integrate the Thrasher? I guess the Thrasher’s still in prototype mode?

  • http://theradavist.com prolly

    They’re keeping the Cutter – the Thrasher is a different geometry all together.

  • swoo

    Seems like tire clearance wasn’t revised in the V5.