Daniel The Dragon King Vs. Slaylor Feb 1, 2010

Daniel The Dragon King Vs. Slaylor from Taylor Dwight on Vimeo.

When we were in Milwaukee, Taylor told me his next edit was going to be Slaylor versus a dragon. That dragon is Daniel. This edit rules. We get a good introduction to Taylor’s buddy, Daniel and see some bar-raising riding. Taylor, your riding is so smooth and flowy. Really digging all of this. Love the flying shoe at 1:06, the 180 to full cab off the pad, big 180 down 6, 540 double tap bar, 180 bar out of the pool, trash can turn-bars and channel gap bars. Keep killing it kid! Bangin’ edit!

Get stoked on a Monday!

  • drew leshko

    really fucking good guys.

  • http://vimeo.com/kreeestowfur KrEEEstowfUr

    Yes Fellas. Looks like fun times. I want to move somewhere warm…

  • Miketonkinson

    just what i needed on a monday morning.

  • http://create2destroy.com Vas

    wow. dude got bars

  • http://geometricks.blogspot.com/ Feeloo

    why is there always good wheather where you ride ?

    :( in paris there’s snow everywhere !

  • http://theradavist.com prolly


  • Brooks

    wtf! daniel you’re a superstar haha

  • http://www.rickshawbags.com Mark Dwight

    This is really great stuff guys!