Year of the Robster Craw Jan 14, 2010

YEAR OF THE ROBSTER CRAW from eric puckett on Vimeo.

I love Puckett’s videos. Here’s a perfect example why; ledge hop to wheelie to barhop, big 180‘s and some Texas-style jackassery. Great job man.

Elliot drinks like a hipster.

Eric Puckett Volume Ad

  • sean milnes

    hell yeah eric! that shit was sick!

  • chris

    so rad!

  • kylej

    that’s a tight bank spot. dope riding…

  • aj

    now volume, send him to milwaukee so we can met alice cooper.

  • John Rensho

    Sake bombs? That better be Lonestar those shots are dropping into. Pinky up Grog! Also, Eric, you def looked like slow cakes when you pulled that bike twirl bs haha!!!