William Buntas for BLS 4 Jan 3, 2010

Photo by Kanta

The West coast contingent for Bootleg Sessions 4 is looking strong! Burd just uploaded a few images of William Buntas, a new rider for the last Bootleg Sessions, to the BLS blog. Check out his nose mannie shot!

Bruiser looks good too man!

Kanta just commented that he’s got more pics on his Flickr. Really rad mannies man!

  • http://itswrahw.blogspot.com Torey Thornton

    That is the illest bruiser that i have ever seen.

  • http://itswrahw.blogspot.com Torey Thornton

    Oh yeah, and, that nosie looks dope. I like the energy. I am looking forward to your part William.

  • http://voiseproductions.com Kanta

    Rest of pics are up on my flickr. Not much, but hey.



    will is ill.