Long Beach Riders 01.29.2010 Jan 30, 2010

1.29.2010 from Corey San Agustin on Vimeo.

Nice stuff here. 180 off a big ledge, hop to wheelie, half cab down a 3 and some 720 taps. Dalton D, Corey San Agustin and Matthew Spencer going at it!

  • http://thirdcoastfixed.com baker


  • http://fastpacezine.blogpot.com andy compton

    “A Fuckin 360″


    hell yeah love that spot great edit

  • http://www.flickr.com/loosenutswheels Loose Nuts Custom Wheels

    Sweet looking front wheel Corey. Great edit too

  • http://matthewspencer.tumblr.com Matt

    “Stuck in the straps suck” lulz