Gus Molina’s Soggy Hop Bar Jan 30, 2010

Photo by Dave Beard

Hot damn. This is really really rad. Dave Beard captures Gus Molina mid-air during a hop-bar in the pouring rain. Well, it was a garden hose, but still. While Dave requests critique of the photo, with respect to shooting into his flashes, I think this came out fantastic. Really stoked on all the Fast Pace Zine dudes.

  • matt lingo

    damn, ridiculously epic use of gels.

  • Hale

    Damn, that shot’s amazing, dudes got pop too.

  • blah

    Fast Pace/Inland Empire dudes*

  • andy compton

    actually CVF and FP dudes are completely different. cvf is marcus and dj and some other dudes from san diego. fast pace is gus dave nick and i. its not a big deal just thought id point it out

  • marcs

    haha, thanks!im stoked, your stoked!but, you should probably throw up fast pace zine too, they’re really the ones behind this shot.unfortunately cvf cant take any credit for it. =] dudes are killing it mos def..big ups to Gus and Dave!p.s. saw those clips of you at midwest mayhem, i was def stoked on that, you shredded j!props! coming down to the west coast for cult classic!? you have too..

  • gus

    this came out so good! it paid off to almost freeze to death haha
    dave is the man.

  • dag

    Easily my favorite bike-related shot yet this year.

  • Bic Control

    So ill! Big ups, Gus.

    Whether it’s in North County (most of Fast Pace, i believe) or South County aka South Bay (Chula Vista Fixed), it’s still in San Diego County–and that’s what’s up.

    Cult Classic in a couple weeks is going to be rad. Can’t wait to see who takes the 1 Min Freestyle. Re my boy Marcs: Prolly, you gonna be able to make it out to CC, by chance?

    If you come out, we can do a ride down to Tijuana to commemorate your visit and do up a proper tour of our region. Our SD to Tijuana crew is called Los Cruzadores–Spanish for The Crossers. Let’s cross some borders, mang.

  • lord lasagna

    way to bite published bmx photo

  • blah

    ^ nothing’s original anymore, cry about it

  • Matt lingo

    “Good artists borrow, great artists steal.” -Pablo Picasso

  • Dave

    In reference to “biting” a published photo, I emailed the person whom inspired this photo, and he completely supported it.