GOrilla: Playing with Fire Jan 1, 2010

GOrilla – Playing with Fire from Gorilla Bicycles on Vimeo.

Airing over bonfires. Pretty rad. GOrilla did a photo shoot for Sang Bleu magazine a couple of months ago. Renaud Skyronka came along to video tape as Corinne Stoll took photos. Came out pretty cool.

  • http://bloggingmiles.tumblr.com Tyler Johnson


  • http://www.therevivalfilm.com morehart Films

    Wonka showed me this awhile back. So fucking good! It gets me stoked on being pumped every single time I watch it.

  • Thomas

    A million other songs to use and they pick the one everyone heard in Macaframa?

  • Mart’ie

    Evil Knievel has that kid beat.

  • http://itswrahw.blogspot.com Torey Thornton

    Really? A million?

  • http://www.gorillabicycles.com wonka

    evil knievel….? yeah he does can you people think of any other lame things to say =)

  • Luke

    @morehart Films – I thought I was the only one who said “stoked on being pumped.” I am not alone. peace

  • MorehartFilms

    MUTINY BIKES BABY!!! ps. I fucking love this video! HA