FGGT: Jubey’s Ride Dec 15, 2009

Speaking of collective blogs run by all ladies, the Fixed Gear Girl Taiwan blog is full of great commentary and photos. Take this mean steed for example. Jubey’s Bianchi conversion is straight wild. Hell, the saddle alone merits a post! Check out the full build list and more pics at the FGGT blog.

Big ups to the FGGT crew. Keep rolling and keep doing your thing!

  • David killmore

    What’s the deal with the handle on the saddle?!?

  • http://theradavist.com prolly

    It’s most likely some kind of aerodynamic fairing.

  • paolo

    is that columbus tubing?

  • http://www.alex-sins.blogspot.com AlexSins

    John, did you see the mention of this post on bikesnob yesterday? Hilarious! :)

  • tristan

    What an… unfortunate acronym.