Origin 8 Classic Chainring Nov 3, 2009


So it’s been determined that the mystery cranks are indeed Origin-8. Which for me, and others, is pretty good news. Sure, they’re not identical to the Campy Pista cranks, but they’re readily available and inexpensive. Two things a lot of fixed gear riders look for in components.

While the cranks aren’t available to purchase yet, the Classic Chainrings have made their way to Origin-8 dealers worldwide.

Pick one up at Velomine, in 49t for $24, or support your LBS and order one through them.

The Hunt

  • fred

    these might be it 42-52:


    they don’t say origin8 in this picture, but wheelandsprocket sells origin8 components.

  • Jolan


    I just ordered a 48t for my Sugino 75 crankset.

  • fred

    the space between holes for the chainring bolts and the inner part of the chainring looks scary thin.

  • http://theradavist.com prolly

    Yeah, especially compared to this:

  • http://fixedgearbikes.blogspot.com/ Jussi

    Well, these aren’t that much – if at all – different to those cheap Rocket Rings with the exact same design that have been always available. Those are also IMHO nicer because they don’t have the Origin 8 logo on them.

    In fact that chainring linked above is probably a Rocket Ring one. Whatever.