All the Pedigree Sans Derailleurs Nov 5, 2009

Andy‘s always building hot bikes and using hot women to show them off. I’m pretty sure this is his wifey checking out a recent Corsa Record-equipped single-speed Merckx build he did for a customer.

I’m usually one for derailleurs on classic road bikes, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t or can’t make them single-speed. As Andy puts it, “It still has all the pedigree – just not the derailleurs”. Very true and you can always spring for the C-Record derailleurs in the future!

Now someone ride that shit!

  • Daniel

    What are the brakes on this bike?

  • prolly
  • chris

    Not actually a 7-11 is it John?? Check the transitional colors between the red and green. Doesn’t look like the team frames in your other pic in the post.

  • prolly

    you are right! hasty post on my part

  • Morgan Taylor

    I like the detail on the bar end plugs. The photoshoot was good too!