RVA Fixed Oct 19, 2009

I’ve been meaning to post some RVA Fixed pics for a little while now.

These two pics are just one example. The Richmond kids are coming on strong. That’s a pretty nice gap with a 2×12 for a landing strip. As you can see, it always doesn’t end as nicely as the first image.

Then there’s this pic of Mike Schmitt hitting a pretty gnarly wallride. I was in Tokyo when I first saw this and meant to throw it up on the blog when I got back. It’s proper. Having spent a lot of time in Richmond, I know these spots. Highway overpasses with minimal traffic make for a ton of banks and this is just one way to work it!

Big ups Mike and keep pushing it!

  • http://www.rvafixed.net RINTHAL

    haha! thanks prolly! Always looking out for the under dogs! Be sure to keep an eye out for video parts for Mike, Julio, and Brandon as the months come by!

  • http://kiloko.tumblr.com Kiloko

    RICHMOND VIRGINIA!!!!!!!!!!!!