Danny MacAskill for VW Oct 28, 2009

Always blows me away! Danny MacAskill once again delivering. The main difference between this video and others is the architecture. A lot more contemporary projects. It looks like he’s bouncing from building to building in a modern architecture magazine. I guess that’s the art direction for Volkswagon, they always feature great buildings in their ads. Lovely video.

Too bad he’s gotta drive to ride! I guess that’s where the VW ad comes in. I’m joking of course…

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Via 14 Bike Co.

  • http://www.southfloridafixed.com southfloridafixed

    Good riding. Bad driving. Cmon!

  • Dickie T

    Again, this dude is a GOD! Or maybe not, he may be an alien from another solar system because his skills are OUT OF THIS WORLD!

  • http://www.attorneyillinois.net Chicago Injury lawyer

    MacAskill kills it again. He has to be one of the most fun riders to watch.

  • oisin

    Does anyone know what the bit at the end of the video says when he runs away because of the wasp?

  • http://www.edinburghfixedgear.co.uk Neek

    Gutted! the Edinburgh man is injured! we have got Danny on a fixed gear bike