Big Boy Bowl Rippin Sep 8, 2009

Gus Molina getting UP THERE in a pool.

Every time I see a dude blasting a bowl’s vert, I think of Tony hitting the over-vert at FDR two years ago. With all their momentum, big dudes like Tony, this guy and myself get moving fast!

Photo by Brandon Means.

Check out Fast Pace Fixed Gear Zine for more updates and their zine will be dropping shortly.

Edit: the rider’s name is Gus Molina and the new Fast Pace Zine will be out shortly!

  • Mikesaid

    Hell yeah for big dudes riding fixed, and going vert is a plus two, Looks awesome.

  • Andy Fast Pace

    hey prolly im pumped you posted this! the dudes name is Gus Molina. issue one of the zine should be out really soon.

    thanks again!!

  • Brandon Means

    I took this photo! Check out my flickr at:

  • Ramon
  • prolly

    that guy really ain’t that big though!