Marco Aug 13, 2009

Marco edit from ryo ubota on Vimeo.

Not sure how I feel about slammed saddles and fixed gears. It’s mostly because of how people look when they’re sitting on a slammed saddle pedaling all the time. Just looks funny. One thing is for sure, the Japanese kids riding the fixed 26″ cruisers (with 700c wheels) love it.

Marco lays down a smooth and steady line in this video.

Via Starf*ckers

  • kris

    i couldnt imagine riding any sort of long distance with my seat like that…it would kill. dude goes off for sure though though.

  • hfwido

    It allows you to hop high, but thats the only advantage of it. I want to ride too, and wheelie without having to stand like a little ghetto kid, hah.

  • prolly
  • riot_hero

    Ghetto kids come in all flavors and to say they are only black is itself racist.

  • prolly

    I was just kidding. Calm down.

  • hfwido


  • AJ

    is this what there going for by slamming the seat?