Lockedcog Tees Aug 21, 2009

I dunno man, that’s the NYC colorway!

Locked Cog added another shirt to their look book, be sure to check it out!

Via Bootleg Sessions Via Lockedcog

  • Jamie

    Ugh. Live Traced? Really?

    (sorry for the negativity – I just think Live Trace (or at least blatant live trace like this) is kind of a corner-cutting & cheap look.

  • cannnnnnnibal

    that shirt looks really bad imo

  • erik

    don’t you mean, “colorway”?

  • http://lockedcog.com kris

    the color wasnt intentional…i mean it is but because thats the green we use already. brad did this one…hopefully ill put some stuff ive done in the book soon too.

  • http://eightyfoureightyfive.wordpress.com/ kevin

    first, a disclaimer: anybody actually doing stuff is to be commended, and I think lockedcog is one of the best fixed blogs. I definitely respect Kris’ hustle.

    however, this shirt really brings it back to a recent WRAHW post by Torey (http://itswrahw.blogspot.com/2009/08/no-cogs-and-chainrings-dont-look-sick.html). how much longer can people continue to screen pics of locks, cogs, and cranks on t-shirts? I love my bike, but you’d be hard-pressed to catch me in a tee that basically screams HEY LOOK I RIDE FIXED GEAR. I think a focus on branding over easily-accessible imagery would serve everyone much better: just because we ride bikes doesn’t mean that has to be our whole schtick.