Close One Mar 30, 2009


Two French teamates collided with each other at the world track cycling championships, sending Kevin Sireau to the boards and Gregory Bauge into a skid for the win.


Check out that TT nut skid!

Seen at Maca blog via VeloNews

  • aaron

    His tire rolled after he went down, it wasn’t the reason he went down. They just bumped and he lost control. His mechanic would be so bummed if he was getting blamed for that…

    Check it-


  • prolly

    thanks for the correction. Didn’t see the video!

  • Jack

    Watched the vid a good few times tonight, slickest bit of bike control I have seen in ages!

  • Jussi

    Yo John, it’a probably “Malaysia’s”…

  • prolly

    Sorry guys, it’s Monday ya know?

  • g

    They are both french you know. The similar suites kind of gives it away… Malaysia race in black.

  • Andrew

    Phenomenal save! I would have definitely biffed it.

  • prolly

    Man! I messed up again! Should I just delete it and start over? haha…


  • anthony

    whats a tt nut skid?

  • jeff

    when your nuts are sitting on the top tube while you skid, observe the facial reaction to this old school fixed gear trick in the first picture…