Bunnyhop 180 Mar 21, 2009


Groooove has a sick shot from the JAN 2 year anniversary party / jam session. ILL!

  • http://showupalleycats.blogspot.com Show Up

    Damn, to flat?

  • Burd


  • space-cliff

    ill ill ill ill ill wtf to revert or whut.

  • erik

    into the river?

  • Tracko

    No way…

  • イーライ

    There’s flat, concrete ground on the other side of that ledge. Only about a 20cm drop on the other side. No risk of diving into the river.

  • hfwido

    the saddle is in his thigh…

  • http://www.wednesdayblog.co.uk ben

    There is a ramp there, that is not a bunnyhop.

  • http://www.swaggerzine.com HELLKAT KRIS

    More like a bronco hop probably.

  • http://stopbegging.blogspot.com/ Agostinho

    kinda looks like he’s getting ready for a 360 or summat.

  • http://www.create2destroy.com Vas

    what ben said, he has a kicker. no bunnyhop there :)

  • mikus

    hey, some folks are so young, they dont know the word bunnyhop…ever heard of mike miranda, greg hill, eddy fiola?

  • http://theradavist.com prolly

    sheesh guys, sorry!

    Mikus, yes, I’ve heard of them! I’m not that young, 27…