And for Those Who are Still in Wintertime… Mar 28, 2009


You could always build a mini in your house! This aint the typical Bushwick loft-steez, this is a really well designed house with an integrated miniramp. Love the rafters and the overall space. The mini fits within the architecture…



via Arplus

  • Coomer

    That is badass!



  • Show Up

    Man, that does look well designed. I used to drag my quarters into my old living room in the winter. I couldn’t stall on my kitchen counter though, hah.

  • thom

    Man, there’s gonna be a lot of broken dishes in that kitchen from flying boards and falling dudes.

  • scorchers_nh

    This is beyond wild.
    Followed the link, and the design quality is spot-on — especially the fireplace 1/4-to-1/4 gap with the removable transition piece. The only thing I was surprised to see was nothing to keep decks from rolling into the floor-to-ceiling windows towards the porch.
    Been fishing around for other sites that feature this house as I’d love to see more photos. Found anything?